Garage Door Maintenance Subscription

$25.00 / year


Subscribe to our Garage door tune-up and enjoy the benefits of hassle free annual maintenance.

Choose number of Garage Doors for your subscription. Once your subscription is processed you will receive an email with instructions for booking your maintenance service.

*some conditions apply

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Our 10-point garage door inspection service includes.
  1. Springs – Balance and Cracked Cones
  2. Cables – Rust, Frayed, Worn Out or Stretched
  3. Rollers – Rust, Wear on Bearings, Wear on the Stem
  4. Hinges – Cracked, Rusted or Bent
  5. Drums – Worn Grooves or Cracks
  6. Tracks – Bent and / or Rusted
  7. Door Panels – Major Dents, Rust, Sections Parting
  8. Weather Strip – Is it Sealing Properly?, rips and tears
  9. Bottom & Top Brackets – Rust, Wear and Cracks
  10. Shaft & Bearings – Too Much Play, Wear and Bends
Bonus: Operators, Photo Eyes, Limits, Keypads, Remotes, Wall Station, Emergency Key Release
Checking the Rails, Chains and / or Belts, Test Force