Product Book Service Repair notes

Figure 1: Book Service Repair

[xyz-ihs snippet=”img-book-service-repair-bookly”]

Figure 2: Bookly Staff Repair

[xyz-ihs snippet=”img-bookly-staff-repair”]

Figure 3: Settings Page in Bookly Staff Members

[xyz-ihs snippet=”img-bookly-aaa-garage-door-repair-edit”]

Figure 4: Edit Product Book Service Repair

[xyz-ihs snippet=”img-woo-edit-book-service-repair”]

Figure 5: Book Service Repair Menu

[xyz-ihs snippet=”img-menu-book-service-repair”]

Book Service Repair product is required to have its price set in two places. It must be set at on the product page and on the Bookly Staff Members page

The product for Book Service Repair that is in WooCommerce is merely a placeholder product that is there for the convenience of the customer.
Alternatively the Book Service Repair can be accessed directly from the menu as show in figure 5.

This way the customer can have a fluid experience with the cart to see the option to purchase a Service Repair.

The Price set on the Bookly Staff Members page ( see figure 2 and figure 3 ) is the actual price that is put through the WooCommerce Cart.

It is imperative the the price be changed in both locations.

The Booking repair Product simply redirects to a page containing a The Bookly Garage Door Service.

This Product is sent to Bookly, In turn Bookly sends a price to the Bookings Product which then is sent through the WooCommerce Cart.



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