Garage Door Parts: The Basics

Whether you own a residential garage door, a commercial garage door or an industrial garage door, it is important to know the basics about garage door parts. If you know the basics, you are better prepared to know when there is a problem and what garage door parts need to be fixed. Check out these points for an introduction to the basics of garage door parts.

  • Garage Door Springs: The garage door springs help to offset the weight of the door for either the person who will be lifting the door up manually or the motor that will be pulling the garage door up and down automatically. This garage door part is especially important because if it is broken, it can cause major safety concerns.
  • Garage Door Seals: Another important item on the garage door parts basics list is garage door seals. The seal’s job is to act as a barrier to anything outside of the garage that you do not want coming into the garage (dirt, garbage, water, pests, etc.). There are no major safety concerns if your garage door seal is broken or damaged, but it is still important.
  • Garage Door Opener: A garage door opener is a garage door part that is made up of many smaller garage door parts. The opener is, arguably, one of the most important garage door parts (who wants to get out of their car and open their garage by hand?). Some of the smaller parts that make up the opener include wires, a motor, a battery, belts, brackets, chain and cables.