If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, your garage is a good place to start. Garages typically make up about 30 percent of a home’s exterior, and more and more homeowners are extending their style and design tastes to their garage. Here are a few garage door trends we’ve noticed lately:

5 Trends in Garage Doors


  • Windows- Not only do windows on a garage door look good, but homeowners also love letting some natural light into a traditionally dark space. You can get creative with the window placement and design while still maintaining security and privacy.
  • Bold colors- With this garage door trend, homeowners are leaving white and tan garage doors behind and opting for more exciting colors that make a stylish statement and a memorable first impression.
  • Bigger- Garage doors are also getting bigger. When it comes to new builds, renovations, and custom homes, many homeowners are opting to make their garage openings larger.
  • Garage Doors in Barrie, OntarioInsulated- Insulated garage doors are becoming very popular. Insulating your garage door is more energy efficient, and results in a more secure and durable garage door.
  • Smart- One last big garage door trend is using technology to hook up garage doors to homeowners’ smart phones and tablets. This way, garage doors can be opened, closed, and checked on remotely.