Insulated garage doors are becoming increasingly popular, but they also come with a much steeper price tag. Are insulated garage doors really worth the extra cost? This can depend on several factors.

Insulated Garage Doors

If you use your garage as an extra living space, a workshop, music space, etc., then the extra cost is probably justified. Having the added insulation will make your garage a much more comfortable environment to spend extended periods of time in.

Insulated garage doors may also make sense if you live in an area that has long periods of extremely hot or cold weather. The energy savings will begin to add up over time, especially if you have a large or oversized garage.

Residential Garage Doors in Barrie, OntarioInsulated garage doors vary in price depending on their R-value, so it may be possible to find ones that fit within your budget and don’t break the bank. And, just like their non-insulated counterparts, insulated garage doors are available in many different styles and colors.

However, if you’re just using your garage solely for parking or storage, the energy savings probably aren’t worth the added cost, and it makes more sense to focus on insulating the wall between your home and garage. As a final caution, keep in mind that an insulated garage door can actually trap harmful chemicals and fumes inside your garage space, so make sure to use good judgment and common sense before spending time in your garage.