Garage Door Myths Part 1: You Should Only Have Garage Doors Serviced When They Break

It is a common mistake to think you only need to have your garage doors looked at when they are not operating properly. Preventative care is always going to run you less money than an expensive repair bill, and that doesn’t count the fact that a failure could cause an injury.

Not only is your garage door large, but it moves – and to do that it, depends on a complex number of parts that must operate properly for safe operation. There are cables, tracks, springs, rollers, and hinges that are all vital. If one part is worn out, your door can be unbalanced and unsafe. Regular service means inspecting these parts for signs of wear and replacing parts that are near the end of their lifespan.

Also, consider that garage doors will last longer and have fewer costly repairs if they are properly lubricated, adjusted, and maintained. You can avoid many repairs if regular maintenance is performed on your home’s garage doors.

If you live in the Barrie, Ontario area, you can call us at AAA Door Guys Inc. We would be pleased to schedule maintenance for your garage doors and take care of any small issues that may be going on. Our trained staff knows the signs to look for to help you avoid bigger and more costly problems. You can trust us to answer your questions and be able to separate myth from fact when it comes to garage doors.