Garage Door Myths Part 2: Garage Door Preventative Maintenance is Unnecessary

You use your home’s garage door every day, maybe even numerous times a day, and you probably do not think much about it as long as it works. What you may not realize is that there are really quite a few working parts that all have to work properly for your garage door to open and close safely. This hardware needs the same attention you give to the vehicle you are parking in your garage – regular maintenance, or in this case, garage door preventative maintenance.

There is more involved in garage door preventative maintenance than you might realize, which makes it absolutely necessary. In fact, there are generally 10 different areas that are inspected and then adjusted, lubricated or repaired as necessary. In addition, you can expect the following:

  1. Springs will be tested for balance. The set must work in conjunction with one another so the door opens and closes without putting undue pressure on the opener and other components.
  2. Rollers are checked for wear, damage, debris, and rust. Again, if there is a problem here, it puts extra work on the other components.
  3. Cables are inspected for fraying and stretching. Either of these conditions will soon result in a cable snapping, which will not only render the door immovable, but could also be dangerous.
  4. Tracks are checked for alignment and fastening. Over time, if the tracks were not installed well or the surface they are attached to has broken down, the tracks can become loose. This is definitely a hazardous situation, as the entire door could fall on top of your car.
  5. Hinges are examined for fractures and bends. Garage doors that have hinges will not operate or close properly if the hinges are in bad shape.
  6. Top and bottom brackets are inspected for rust and cut lines.
  7. Drums are checked for wear and fractures.
  8. Bearings are inspected for wear and play.
  9. Weather stripping is checked for a proper seal and any damage. Gaps allow water and pests to enter your garage.
  10. All other areas are checked for damage, rust, rot, and wear.

This is the thorough garage door preventative maintenance 10-point inspection you can expect from our professionals at AAA Door Guys Inc. We also provide minor adjustments and lubricate moving parts so your garage door operates smoothly and safely.