Garage Doors and Curb Appeal

For many of us, our garage doors are a large part of the face of our home. Picking the right door can really give your home exterior a little “pop”. Here are a few ways to give your house extra curb appeal with the right garage door.

Wanting to upgrade and make your home look a little more modern? A good way to start is by adding a sleek metal framed door with clear or glazed glass. The metal and glass lean toward a contemporary, modern look. You could also choose to add a nicely stained wood, which will achieve a modern look, and wood will always remain timeless. Depending on the design and stain, a wood garage could also be used for a farmhouse or modern farmhouse look.

For more of a classic, but clean look, a very popular option is the fibreglass door. These are paintable garage doors, which gives you the option of matching colours and updating again in the future without having to replace the door.

No matter what style you choose, if you’re trying to get away from the typical, bland garage look, you can easily do so by adding window panes, patterns, and colours. Whether you’re adding new doors or updating old ones, garage doors are an easy and practical way to spruce up your curb appeal.