Garage door openers are something that we are able to enjoy every day

Garage door openers are something that we are able to enjoy every day — often multiple times per day! With the click of a button, your garage opens up for you without you having to lift it manually. Often, we don’t notice how much we use our garage door opener until it malfunctions and we are forced back to opening and closing our garage doors by hand. If you fit into this unfortunate former party and are needing to get a new garage door opener, before you go shopping, let’s get familiar with garage door openers.

There are two main types of garage door openers: belt drive and chain drive openers. These differences in the lifting mechanism are what make up the most basic features of garage door openers, and after that, it is simply a matter of what extras you prefer. For example, there are garage door openers that are able to securely lock after you are gone, keeping burglars from forcing their way in. Additionally, you can find garage door openers that have specialized sensors that, when triggered, will reverse the door so no one is trapped under a closing door.  A chain drive garage door opener is known for its stability and sturdiness, but some people prefer the belt drive garage door opener due to the fact that it’s a much quieter mechanism that is also quite durable.

Here at AAA Door Guys Inc., we know all about the differences between garage door openers and the choices available to you. We would love to tell you more about them, so if you are on the hunt for a quality garage door opener, come and talk with us today!