We can help you decide what features are best for your garage door openers in Barrie, ON.

garage door openersGarage door openers are basically never thought about until they malfunction or break down. While the basic technology behind these devices hasn’t changed much, refinements to the design allow for greater speed, reliability, and security, as well as reducing the noise generated by their operation

While garage doors can be opened without a mechanical assist, garage door openers allow operation with the touch of a button or via a remote, which is much easier than manually lifting the door up and down. Selecting the right garage door openers for you will depend on several factors. First, consider the type of garage door you have and its weight. Larger and heavier doors will need a stronger motor in order to properly and safely raise and lower the door. Second, consider what other features you will potentially need in your garage door openers. Lighting the garage is usually a secondary function of these devices, and some garage door openers have a battery backup in case you lose power.

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Selecting the Right Garage Door Opener for You