Garage Door Parts in Barrie, ON

When building a garage, it can be easy to overlook small details when burdened by the large project of a garage. Walls, doors, and rails are all essential garage parts; however, there are a few more important pieces than just a pulley and rope that make a garage door open. One thing to note is that a garage professional would not fail to add any of these features and knows the importance of all the garage parts, no matter how hidden.

  • Logic Boards- As the name may imply, these boards make an automatic garage door opener automatic. These are the internals to the keypads, remotes, and opener that let the mechanism know when to pull up or close the garage.
  • Operator Photocells- One thing that is often taken for granted about garage doors is their ability to retract when they sense they are going to close on something or someone. This is due to the operator photocells, which reside near the floor of the garage and detect whether something is in the way of the garage door closing. This adds a layer of safety to a garage door and may be difficult to install without knowledge of electrical engineering.
  • Weather Stripping- Garages face the outside with a bright and shining paint job, and this means they are subject to the damage inflicted by storms. Weather stripping helps to keep the inside of the garage dry and the rain outside on the driveway. Weather stripping done by a professional can give you confidence that a leaky garage will not be installed.
  • Lubrication- This is one of the most important garage parts, and without it, the garage door may begin to tear itself apart. Lubrication allows for the pulleys, springs, and rails to work smoothly with each other, and without lubrication, these parts may rub on each other and cause damage to the garage and require new parts to a garage door. It is worth noting that a garage installation professional will know exactly how and how often to lube a garage door.