There are three types of garage door openers to consider before installing: chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. To help you make the right decision, for your garage door opener installation, here are the benefits of each option.

Three Garage Door Opener Installation Types to Choose From

  1. Chain Drive- The most common is the chain drive. Its affordability and reliability make it extremely popular. It’s operated by a chain, which is used in the pull and push of the garage opening and closing. One downside is that the metal-on-metal operation can be noisy. The chain opener is a great option if you’re looking to stay within a budget and want something that’s reliable.
  2. Belt Drive– Next is the belt drive, which makes a great option for your garage door opener installation. A belt drive uses a belt instead of a chain as its main function. Belt drives are more expensive than chain drives, but they’re also much quieter. In most cases, belt drives will last longer than chain drives. The belt drive is the quietest system, making it the best option for an attached garage.
  3. Screw Drive– The screw drive offers less maintenance because it has fewer moving parts. This option uses a lifting mechanism, instead of a push-and-pull operation. The lifting motion is noisy and slower than the other two options. A screw drive can also be sensitive to extreme hot and cold weather, which makes this the least desirable option for a place like Ontario.

No matter which option you choose, here at AAA Door Guys Inc., we can help with your garage door opener installation. Give us a call today to learn more!