Garage Door RepairYour garage door is used a lot. It is opened and closed multiple times a day, and it is a very heavy object to be moving so frequently. Although they are sturdy and built to last a long time, there is one way that is most successful at reducing the need for garage door repair, and that is regular maintenance. Investing in garage door maintenance is a great way to increase the lifespan of your garage doors.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid more extensive garage door repair or replacement:

  • Be observant to any strange sounds or shakiness when your garage door is in use.
  • Check the batteries on your garage door opener at the first sign of it not working. The batteries last so long that people sometimes forget that they do need to be replaced occasionally.
  • Look for areas that may have rust or that are breaking down. Replacing parts before they cause damage to the rest of the door will save you money.
  • Regularly clean and care for your garage door.

As experts in this business, here are a few things that we do to maintain garage doors:

  • Replace weather stripping to keep your garage and home more energy-efficient.
  • Check to make sure the mechanics of the door are all functioning properly.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the garage door parts that may allow it to operate more smoothly.
  • Test the springs to ensure they are the right strength for the weight of the door.

Garage door repair can be minimal, such as replacing parts, or it can end up being more extensive. Maintenance is key! If your garage door is professionally evaluated and maintained, it will last a lot longer and require fewer repairs.