Your Garage Door Maintenance Checklist
Your garage door has a big job to do. You expect it to open quickly and properly several times a day all year long and in all types of weather and conditions. Plus, you expect it to keep doing all of that for years to come! If you want to keep your garage door in good working order for decades, it’s going to need some upkeep. Here’s your garage door maintenance checklist:

  • Cables—Check the high-tension cables that lift your door and look for broken strands or any damage. If you notice any problems, call a professional and never attempt to repair the cables yourself.
  • Balance—Check to see if your garage door is properly balanced. Disconnect your opener and move the garage door about halfway up. If it stays in place you’re good. If not, it’s time to call in the experts.
  • Hardware—Examine all of your garage door hardware. The brackets and bolts can loosen over time. If you notice any loose ones, you, or a professional, can tighten them with a socket wrench.
  • Rollers—You should inspect your rollers a couple of times a year, and they should be replaced about every seven years. Look for worn, chipped, or cracked rollers.
  • Tracks—Check the tracks on either side of your garage door and make sure they’re clear and clean of any debris.
  • Safety—Your garage door should reverse if any object is in its path. To check this safety feature, wave your leg under the garage door’s path as it begins to close. It should automatically begin to move back up. Next, place an object under the path of the garage door. As soon as the door comes in contact with the object, it should once again begin to move back up.
  • Lubricate—Once a year, you should take a few minutes to lubricate the opener’s chain or screw and the overhead springs. You can buy garage door spray lubricant from you garage door specialists.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing this garage door maintenance checklist yourself, or if you don’t have the time, call us at AAA Door Guys Inc. We would be happy to inspect your garage door for you. Our preventative garage door maintenance service is comprehensive and designed to keep your garage door running all year long.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance in Barrie, Ontario