How Garage Door Seals Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home
Garage door seals can also be referred to as weather stripping because, as part of their function, they help to seal the garage against the elements. Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to the weather stripping because it doesn’t seem as important in its functionality as other parts of the garage door. However, garage door seals perform several other functions, as well.

They provide a seal where there may be gaps between the garage door and the garage floor, the ceiling of the garage, or either side of the opening. Sealing these gaps protects the garage from infiltration of wind, rain, leaves, dust, grass, pests, noise, etc.

Garage door seals are excellent at keeping a lot of things out of the garage, but they’re also great at keeping cool air or warm air in. If the seals on your garage doors are in good condition, they help regulate the temperature inside your home, allowing your home to be more energy-efficient. The room that shares a wall with the garage will more effectively stay cool or warm (depending on the season) if the garage door is closed and not allowing warm air or cold air to escape. Your garage acts as a buffer against the outdoors and your home.

Proper insulation keeps the air inside the garage regulated and has a less dramatic effect on the temperature in your home. Garage door seals play an important role in keeping your home more energy efficient by sealing even the smallest gaps.

Garage Door Seals